What is Purpose

Purpose, my purpose, should be independent of the medium or tool that is used to achieve it.

If I take photos of blue whales when they swim at the bottom of the ocean because they start to glow and I want the world to know about this strange phenomenon, I have purpose.  The camera is the tool, and the photos the medium, but I could write a story, or tell a story, or draw a picture, paint and painting, etc.  My purpose is still the same, and therefore exists.  My purpose can’t be , “To take photos”.  Otherwise, without the tool, there is no purpose.

What’s my purpose?  Do I have one?  I don’t know.  I think this definition will help me define it.  I love doing time lapse, and astrophotography, HDR landscapes.  I know that it’s because those things you can’t see without the camera.  Is my purpose to show the world things they can’t normally see?  Maybe.  I feel it has to be something more though.

Secretly (questioning this due to it being published on the internet), my purpose is to just be able to take pictures for a living, but that’s too broad.  Sure, everyone wants to do that.

Truly, this is just a jumping off point.  Find purpose, keep it independent of tools and medium.  Go.

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