Choosing to choose – Own your life

One of my favorite life lessons learned, is actually a lesson taught to my partner from her mother, and shared with me.  As with so many things, it is so simple it’s easy to overlook, but makes a huge difference in how we perceive everything in life.  Get ready, cause it could be life changing.

Choose.  We can make an active choice in everything we do, think, and feel.

It’s so obvious when you think about it, but very hard in practice because you are in contest with all your habits and learned behaviors.  For instance, I used to be mad and angry when I was sick with a cold.  I would stomp around being irritated, until my partner asked me “why are you so mad”, to which I gruffly responded with “Cause I’m sick!”, “Why does that mean you have to be mad?” she asked, and I didn’t have a reason.

Choose how you want to interact with this world.  Choose to behave in ways that would make your children proud.  Choose to be happy at someones party, when you might be mentally stuck from something else that happened.  Choose to eat better.  Choose to exercise.  Or choose to sit on the couch, and eat crap.  The second part of the lesson, and most importantly is this:

Own your choice.

If you choose to behave in ways you regret and you don’t own that choice, you’re doing yourself a dis-service.  You’re hurting your progress forward (assuming that’s the direction you’ve chosen).  If you choose to eat poorly, OWN IT.  Recognize that it’s a choice you have made.   Why are thrill seekers so happy all the time?  They have chosen to live dangerously and they own that choice. They are comfortable with the risk, and are accepting that they have chosen this path.  The world hasn’t brought these things that you don’t like down upon you.  It’s not the guy who cut you off in line at the store, who made you mad, and so you frowned and complained at that persons party.  You CHOOSE to be mad at that guy.  Own that.  You’ll find as soon as you own it.  ”Yes, I made myself upset at that guy”  you will find it very difficult to stay mad.

And remember, once you realize you have chosen to be where you are, for good or bad, you can choose to start heading towards where you want to be.

Thanks for choosing to read this.

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