Choice, less is more

I watched a TED Talks.

These are some notes.

Barry Schwarz – The paradox of choice

Too many choices leads to paralysis.

Why Choice makes People Miserable:

1. Regret and anticipated regret –

  • I’m Less satisfied with my choice if there are more choices because it’s easy to imagine I could have made a better choice.
  • What if I choose this and hate it?
  • Regretting the decision, subtracts from the enjoyment of the decision you made

2. Opportunity Costs –

  • I choose this, but what about all those other choices maybe they were better, I like my choice less now.
  • opportunity costs subtract from what we choose even if what we choose is terrific

3. Escalation of Expectations –

  • Because there are so many choices, I’m expecting that my choice will be perfect.

4. Self-Blame –

  • All those choices and I’m not happy with my choice, therefore I suck at making choices.


This is what we all are working off now, the incorrect “Official Dogma”

Maximize welfare

This means maximize freedom

This means maximize choice

More choice means more freedom

More freedom means more welfare



Some choice is better than none, but more choice is not better than some.


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